Monday, April 6, 2009

Password Plus Is Growing On Me

Host: The clues are 'boots' and 'hairdo.'
Betty White: 'Boots' and 'hairdo'...that could be anybody. Dolly Parton?
Host: It's not Dolly Parton, though that's what I was thinking...
Betty: Oh! 'BOOTS' and 'hairdo'!
[Everybody cracks up]
Host: See what I have to live with?

Friday, April 3, 2009

Sam Writes Short Fiction About International Finance

Ahmedinejad: Hola, Hugo.
Chavez: As-salaam-aleikum, Mahi. What's up?
Ahmedinejad: It's that Obama guy. He really pisses me off!
Chavez: Would you say he 'gets your goat?'
Ahmedinejad: Har har. But seriously! He's so unflappable!
Chavez: What?
Ahmedinejad: Bush reacted to every little thing I did! I could taunt him all day!
Chavez: Sure, he was hot-headed...
Ahmedinejad: Hot-headed? He was a child, Hugo! Oh, it made me feel young again, in a way not even my Just For Men beard-dye can reproduce.
Hugo: Ohh, my friend. I see. I miss him, too.
Ahmedinejad: Yeah...
Ahmedinejad: This Obama! All he talks about is "Economy this, economy that." What's a credit-default swab anyway?
Hugo: Swap.
Ahmedinejad: What?
Hugo: Nevermind. Hey...listen: I've got an idea.
Ahmedinejad: What?
Hugo: So he cares about the economy, right? Let's start a bank together!
Ahmedinejad: A what?
Hugo: A bank! An anti-capitalist bank!
Ahmedinejad: Oh man! Yeah! That'll get his attention!
Hugo: Yeah! C'mon, Mahi!
Ahmedinejad: Yeah! Thanks, Hugo, you're a real pal!