Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I only talk about T-Pain


Anyway: T-Pain revealed on 106 & Park today that he has a moustache tattooed on the inside of his index finger, for the purpose of holding it up to his upper lip. I can't honestly say whether this makes me like him more or less.

He also out-shouted, which he claimed was some sort of networking site for finger-stache enthusiasts. Or something. As of right now, it's a brief green logo(?), and then a redirect to a "page does not exist on this server" message.

This is as mysterious as it is silly and ultimately pointless. God bless you, 106 & Park.

Bonus ridiculous: watching various teams of either slightly-too-lanky or slightly-too-chunky high school dancers compete to music videos.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

106 & Parkblogging

It's on right when I get home from work. It's hilarious and depressing. And the best part is that the music videos AND the hosts interaction with the audience/the guests/each other are BOTH hilarious and depressing in equal measure.

Anyway: I just watched Terrence the Male VJ give Tracy Morgan a pound for not having to pay child support. And then they played the video for "Too Silly" by V.I.C., the latest terribly-rapping, silly-dance-relying-upon, bar-lowering nonsense consort of Soulja Boy. Apparently he, V.I.C., and Hurricane Chris (? I heard of him in like...Rolling Stone? or something? I don't know his song) are all on the same record label, according to the random older black man who did the shout-outy bit at the end of this "Too Silly" song. Now I know who to blame.
And then after that video, Tracy Morgan gave the least enthusiastic talk-up EVER for Superhero Movie. He definitely said something very close to, "The paycheck was good." Yeah. And then Terrence the Male VJ, and Rocsi (seriously, how her name is spelt in the titles at the bottom of the screen) the Female VJ asked Tracy Morgan a bunch of too-in-depth questions about the movie and comic books.

Also inspired: "New Orleans in the house!" [pan to 6 cheering girls] "Well, there's only 6 of them, but they're here!"

Monday, March 10, 2008

So everybody is sort of obsessed with Vampire Weekend (see: Spin, most of the internets.) I just experienced them directly for the first time, not counting their forgettable appearance on Stereogum's OKX: A Tribute To OK Computer (which is basically inferior in every way to Exit Music: Songs for Radio Heads, which is BRILLIANT), and, I gotta say: underwhelmed. Woo, dancy indie music. Great. Their music video is visually appealing (enough), in a way that reminded me of Etsy and makes me want to try and expand the semantic range of the term "lo-fi." Again: so very indie-as-usual. Again: underwhelmed.

Their playlist on MTV Hits is way better: Mariah Carey ("Fantasy," and the boys reference the Tom-Tom Club sample and ODB), Ice Cube ("Good Day"), Basement Jaxx "Romeo"), Kanye ("Good Life," which is a f'n GREAT video [although, T-Pain: VACATION. U NEEDZ IT. GTFO my tv. Srsly.]).

I think I'd rather see these guys dj than play a concert...

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

T-Pain is the New Nate Dogg

Dude and his vocoder need to take a vacation. Srsly.

I got a new Ipod. It's really good to be able to listen to my music all the time. I put that shit on shuffle while I was at work today. It was so worth it.