Monday, March 10, 2008

So everybody is sort of obsessed with Vampire Weekend (see: Spin, most of the internets.) I just experienced them directly for the first time, not counting their forgettable appearance on Stereogum's OKX: A Tribute To OK Computer (which is basically inferior in every way to Exit Music: Songs for Radio Heads, which is BRILLIANT), and, I gotta say: underwhelmed. Woo, dancy indie music. Great. Their music video is visually appealing (enough), in a way that reminded me of Etsy and makes me want to try and expand the semantic range of the term "lo-fi." Again: so very indie-as-usual. Again: underwhelmed.

Their playlist on MTV Hits is way better: Mariah Carey ("Fantasy," and the boys reference the Tom-Tom Club sample and ODB), Ice Cube ("Good Day"), Basement Jaxx "Romeo"), Kanye ("Good Life," which is a f'n GREAT video [although, T-Pain: VACATION. U NEEDZ IT. GTFO my tv. Srsly.]).

I think I'd rather see these guys dj than play a concert...

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