Monday, May 12, 2008


I fell in love with amazing '70s game show Match Game Sophomore year of college, when we had cable in the dorms and I spent HUGE amounts of time watching GSN. I loved a lot of the shows (in particular, the similarly-awesomely-'70s Richard Dawson-era Family Feud, in which our drunken host would just stick his tongue down the throats of female contestants in front of their fathers, brothers, and husbands), but Match Game was the BEST. Period. Subversive, winkingly dirty, clever as hell, full of in-jokes and weird sexual tension.

It's been off the air for quite some time now, although the Wikipedia says there's been a few efforts to revive it. I say the time is nigh. It was in SNL, for chrissakes!:



Clearly, there are some problems. It'd have to be on relatively late at night, OR on some sort of premium-cable-type channel (MAYBE GSN, maybe like, Spike? or Logo? something like that? G4?). The hardest part would naturally be people. I think the ideal host would be someone like Joe McHale or maybe Greg Proops...someone snarky but not angry (NOT like the people who do Root of All Evil). As for guests? All things considered, the show could potentially be a vehicle for post-reality tv stars, and could be manned on a semi-permanent basis by members of the same pool of c-list comedian-pundits who show up on Best Week Ever/I Love The.... Doug Benson is no Charles Nelson Riley, but it'd be a start.

So yeah!

Let's start a petition or something...

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