Thursday, May 22, 2008

Who Let You In Here?

RE: This Rick Ross video:

Nelly's an easy, understandable mistake to make. He's putting out a new album, maybe there was label pressure, whatever. People used to like him, fine. (Apparently, he's actually more interesting and articulate [OMG NOT RACIALLY TRANSCENDENT!] when he's freestyling, or at least during this one freestyle he did on Rap City.)

ON THE OTHER HAND: WTF is up with the white guy with the nasty hair and trashy hat? He looks like Kevin Federline campaigning to get elected mayor of Margaritaville. Get him out of there.

Rick: if you're so desperate for a hook-singing-guy as to stoop to Beach Blanket Trailer Trash there, maybe think about giving Nate Dogg a call. I'm pretty sure he's available, and maybe a little bored and/or hungry.

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