Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Great Minds Think Alike

Just like I do, Billy Collins <3s Looney Tunes. I especially identified with this part:
As unsophisticated as any nine year old, I had never been to an opera when I saw Chuck Jones's Wagnerian parody in which Bugs sings Brünnhilde's role in a blonde wig stuffed under a helmet with horns. The first symphony orchestra I ever saw was a cartoon one with a fat man playing a tiny flute and a studious-looking dog with triangle duties -- plus, a conductor wielding a "baton" and wearing "tails." There I saw my first bassoon.

There are SO MANY great pieces of classical music that now serve only to evoke in me images of synchronized-swimming ducks, or highly choreographed routines with hammers, thanks to Looney Tunes.

[Via the almost-always interesting Morning News]

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