Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sam Watches Silly Commercials

So there's a commercial for a "pancake puff pan," which is basically a cast-iron pan that's been divided into several hemispherical cups (if you will.) You pour pancake batter into said cups, heat on the stove, and you get...wait for it...spherical(ish) pancakes! OMG! Apparently, you can also use it to make round brownies! Any relatively homogenous baked good of your choice can be made vaguely spherical. It's one of the most pointless products I've ever encountered. Yes, you can do a fairly decent number of things with it, but every single thing it does can be replicated by preexisting equipment found in all but the worst-equipped kitchens.
So anyway, here's the commercial, in Spanish:

(I couldn't find an English version on YouTube, and the way the Spanish announcer pronounces it "Pahncayk Pouffs" is excellent.)

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Anna said...

I know this entry is very old, but I am bored. And that is nothing more than an aebelskiver pan. It's not a new invention. I think I might even have one somewhere (old Christmas present from a relative...my family isn't Scandinavian in any way, I don't know why they gave me that).