Thursday, July 31, 2008

It's Stuff Like This That Prevents Me From Being Too Worried About November


It's funny, because the editorial actually accuses McCain of acting like his opponent will lose the race on his own; in fact, it seems like Obama is the one who could be resting on his laurels right now. Hopefully (see what I did there?) he doesn't.

[Via TMN]

Monday, July 28, 2008

Barack Oblogging

Radley Balko basically captures all my quibbles with Obama in his latest Fox News column (yes, he does a column for Fox. Get over it.)

The thing is, every single one of these are politically easy positions. Willie Nelson has earned my everlasting ire (despite his absolutely amazing collabo with Snoop Dogg [SPOILER: IT'S ABOUT SMOKING POT]) for his free memetic PR on behalf of the Farm Lobby; similarly, nobody who is interested in getting elected to anything and is not either a certain crazy elf from the Midwest or a certain web-popular Texan Obstetrician dare oppose the War on Drugs or expanding federal powers. Needless to say, a Democrat who goes against the Teachers' Union has all the chance of a Republican who hates Jesus.

It's not surprising, it's just a good reminder to certain people (like my father) that simply electing a youthful, charismatic, less-evil-than-most-other-politicians Black guy is going to magically change the world.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sam Watches Silly Commercials

So there's a commercial for a "pancake puff pan," which is basically a cast-iron pan that's been divided into several hemispherical cups (if you will.) You pour pancake batter into said cups, heat on the stove, and you get...wait for it...spherical(ish) pancakes! OMG! Apparently, you can also use it to make round brownies! Any relatively homogenous baked good of your choice can be made vaguely spherical. It's one of the most pointless products I've ever encountered. Yes, you can do a fairly decent number of things with it, but every single thing it does can be replicated by preexisting equipment found in all but the worst-equipped kitchens.
So anyway, here's the commercial, in Spanish:

(I couldn't find an English version on YouTube, and the way the Spanish announcer pronounces it "Pahncayk Pouffs" is excellent.)

Monday, July 7, 2008

For Great J.U.S.T.I.C.E.

This song is apparently produced and/or released by some sort of musical entity named J.U.S.T.I.C.E League (it's unclear because they seem to be identified en masse after the lead guy and the hook-singer, which position usually falls to the producers. But it also seems to be the imprint under which the record was released. Whatever.)

1)It sucks cause Aquaman can only produce albums underwater.
2)C.f. (in your own mind, apparently, because none of them seem to be online) the commercials for the 2008 B.E.T. Awards, featuring rap stars (Lil' Wayne, inter alios) with superpowers. Is Irwin from Billy & Mandy the new face of African-American culture?

Consider me way charmed by the new Lil Wayne video:

(especially the part where he raps in the port-a-potty.)

Take of every ZIG!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Glorious Return of 106 & Parkblogging

Nothing specific, really, I'm just charmed by this one. The homage to this Nike commercial from a few years ago is cute, and the video is chock-a-block full of the hypercolorful clothing that's sweeping "the streets" as of late, which I simply adore/covet (in particular, scope what Andre 1500 is wearing.)

In other news, I still kinda hate The-Dream. I just saw that his album is named LoveHate. Seriously.



I tried to find the relevant clip from Sealab 2021, but I don't think YouTube has it, the bastards.

Great Minds Think Alike

Just like I do, Billy Collins <3s Looney Tunes. I especially identified with this part:
As unsophisticated as any nine year old, I had never been to an opera when I saw Chuck Jones's Wagnerian parody in which Bugs sings Brünnhilde's role in a blonde wig stuffed under a helmet with horns. The first symphony orchestra I ever saw was a cartoon one with a fat man playing a tiny flute and a studious-looking dog with triangle duties -- plus, a conductor wielding a "baton" and wearing "tails." There I saw my first bassoon.

There are SO MANY great pieces of classical music that now serve only to evoke in me images of synchronized-swimming ducks, or highly choreographed routines with hammers, thanks to Looney Tunes.

[Via the almost-always interesting Morning News]